Sunday Sponsor Pooja

To sponsor a Sunday Puja, you contact at 303-858-9927. You can request Puja to any Temple Deity or request for Satyanarayana Puja in your family name on that day.

Guidelines for Sunday Puja Sponsors

All Sunday Puja sponsors are requested to coordinate with Office/ Acharya ji / Pundit ji for puja arrangements at least 4 days prior to the Sunday Puja for puja services. Please contact Temple Office for food arrangements and for questions on Sundays Prasad distribution process.

  • Please arrive at the temple 2 hours before the scheduled puja and contact the office to facilitate puja preparations.
  • Please make Prasad arrangements for a minimum of 80 to 100 devotees (Approximate Only. Number may vary depending on weather, other events scheduled on that day etc.).
  • Please get minimum 5 volunteers/friends with you to help in distribution of Prasad and clean up after the event.
  • Prasad should be only a strict vegetarian food.
  • Prasad should be served only in the basement (downstairs) in the Temple.
  • Sponsors are responsible to serve the Prasad and do the cleanup (serving area and washing utensils) after the event.
  • Sponsors should remove the trash to the temple dumpster behind the main building.
  • The suggested donation to the Hindu Temple for the puja of deities is $125 and for Satyanarayan Katha is $161, which does not cover the cost of vegetarian Prasad.
  • The cost of the Prasad, if catered through the temple vendors, ranges from $350 to $500 (includes the cost of supplies). The higher price includes Halwa or Kheer. These rates will vary over time. The sponsors, should they decide, can bring vegetarian food themselves which can cater to 100 people (no onion and garlic, please).
  • Temple charges an additional $50 for the catering supplies like plates, spoons, tissues, trash bags etc.
  • All checks should be made payable to Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of the Rockies.
  • Sunday sponsors are required to fill a form (link for the form please) and submit in the office at least 4 days before the event is scheduled with a deposit of $350.
  • In the event Sunday sponsors need to cancel or re-schedule please contact the Temple office at least four weeks before the scheduled date.
  • In the event of cancellation of scheduled sponsor date, sponsors should arrange for an alternate sponsor or forfeit the deposit.
  • Please contact Hindu Temple Office/Manager at 303-858-9927 for any questions on Sunday Sponsor Puja.

NOTE: Temple vendor’s price $ 350 includes (for 80-100 people) (Rates are subject to change from time to time):

  • One Item from any Dal or Kari Pakora or Chana Masala or Sambar.
  • One item from any dry vegetable curry or aloo gobi or aloo mutter or aloo methi or mix vegetables.
  • Rice
  • Naan

** Extra Vegetable for $100; Extra vegetable with paneer $120; Shahi paneer $150; Karahi paneer $200; Halwa $75; Kheer &75; Gulab jamun $75; Salad & Raita $50 and for Puri $50 for additional charges.


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