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Temple Services Suggested Donations for Various Ceremonies

Please contact Acharya ji or Pandit ji for more information.

The HTCC Board of Trustees adopted a standard policy regarding performance of various religious and cultural ceremonies by either of the priests at the request of the Yajmans (sponsors). It is requested that the sponsors (Yajmans) donate the amount indicated below, or more, for specific ceremonies. Please pay the amount by a check made to Hindu Temple and give it to the priest who performed the ceremony. If you choose to pay cash, ask and get a proper receipt. The priest will give the money and copy of the receipt to our Treasurer.

Contact here: (303)858-9927

Type of Service(Poojas) Performed at Temple Performed Off-site
Sunday/Saturday Sponsored Pooja with Prasad Bhoj arranged by temple (simple food for 100, additional charge for extra items like Halwa) $501 --
Sunday/Saturday Sponsored Pooja, with Prasad Bhoj brought by sponsor $201 --
Any other Pooja and/or Homam $151 --
Aarati / Archana of any 1 deity $25 --
Aarati / Archana of any 5 deities $51 --
Punyahvachan $101 --
Shiva Abhishekam (Pradosh) $101 --
Satya Narayana Pooja (Purnia Night at temple, Saamoohik) or off-site $ 21 per family $211
Shiva Abhishekam (Pradosh) ??? Saammohik $ 21 per family --
Sankashti Chaturthi (Ganesh Pooja) ??? Saamohik $ 21 per family --
Sanskaaras -- --
Naamakaran $125 $211
Anna Prasana $125 $211
Ayush Homam + Ayush Pooja $125 $211
Mundan (Hair-Offering) $125 $211
Vidyaarambh / Akshraabhyasam $125 $211
Yagyopaveet (Janeu) ??? Thread Ceremony $251 $351
Kalyanotsavam $251 $351
Seemantham $151 $251
Vivah (Wedding) $501 $601
Special Anniversaries and Birthdays (10, 25, 50, 60, 75 etc) $151 $251
Last Rite (performed at cremation) -- $211
Anniversary Shraaddh (Pinda Daan), Pitripaksh -- $211
Hiranya Shraaddh (with Tarpan) $101 --
Tarpan only $21 --
Bhoomi Pooja (Land purification) -- $211
Grihapravesh w/Vastu Puja & Homam -- $251
Grihapravesh w/Vastu Puja, Homam & Satyanarayana Pooja -- $301
Vaahan Aashirvaadam (Car Pooja) Use of Basement $31 --
For weddings ??? setup mandap day before, wedding, reception $1,000 --
For anniversary, birthday and similar celebrations $100 per hour --
A refundable cleanup deposit required at booking time $200 --

* Please Note

1. Above suggested minimum donations are to be paid to Hindu Temple by check or credit card at the time of booking. If you want to pay by cash, please ask the priest for a receipt. Temple will send you a receipt for total donations made by you during the entire year, by following January 31, for charitable tax deduction purpose.

2. It is customary to give separately a Dakshinaa to the Priest at conclusion of the ceremony and get his blessings. Also, it is sugested that you give a mileage allowance to the priest, if you live far from temple. You can combine the two and give him one amount by cash or check.

3. For services performed at the temple, any money donated by you or other attendees, on Deities or in Aarati thali, goes to temple. At services performed off-site, it goes to the Priest.

Please pay following amounts separately to the priest to cover extra time for travel and mileage: $50 for Boulder, Brighton, Lafayette and Longmont; $100 for Colo. Springs and Fort Collins.